My Favorite Holiday

I post a lot of jokes for April Fools' day. I've managed to preserve a few of them, and would greatly appreciate it if anyone who has others would point me at them. I've lost a lot. Not all of these were posted on April 1st, of course; that makes it too easy. These are all plain text news articles.

I hope to get permission to post some of the delightful responses I've gotten; they've ranged from people who swallowed the bait, the hook, and about half of the pole, through beautifully worded responses that make it entirely clear that the joke was gotten.

New for 2004:

(I think I skipped 2003.)

New for 2002:

New for 2001:

New for 2000:

New for 1999:

1998 Jokes (incomplete headers)

Older Material:

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