New Cranky User pieces online!


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Some readers may be aware that I have a regular column over at IBM developerWorks. What you may not know is that IBM’s exceptionally author-friendly policies mean I’m allowed to maintain local copies of articles, once they’ve been up for a month! So, for instance, I now have the first TWENTY SEVEN columns up. That’s right! TWENTY SEVEN of them. #28 is formatted, but they have exclusive rights for another week or so. #29 has been edited, and should be showing up around June 1st on the IBM site.

I had the first 16 articles up a while back, but I hadn’t gotten around to updating them, because I was doing it by hand. Now, I’ve spent a while writing a script to read the IBM articles and turn them into something I don’t mind putting up on my site, so I did the next 11 articles in just over an hour. (It would have gone faster, but I can be amazingly sloppy when I’m in a hurry.)

Oh… You actually want a URL? Here you go:

Cranky User Articles.

These articles are the material on which I have pitched a book, which, if I can get it written reasonably close to the deadline, will probably be published sometime next year. More news on that as it becomes available.

And, one last thing: The point of the Juke-Ola piece is not to say that Kevin is a bad programmer; it’s to point out just how hard testing can be, and that even a small user community can have astonishingly diverse needs.