My Useless Stuff Page


Did you ever want to give your stuff away? Here's your chance! I have decided to accept donations of free stuff! (If this is too much for you, you could always hire me for consulting.)

The idea is that, if you feel like this page has greatly enriched your life, saved your career, healed your marriage, or helped eliminate the scourge of male pattern baldness, you can send me free stuff!

The stuff would, ideally, be things which will help me make my pages better and more helpful.

Yes, people really do this. Or at least, a few people have. My net take on this page so far is fairly deeply negative, but I have been sent money; ten dollars so far. (However, it came with some beautiful artwork, and I'm not sad at all. I've also gotten a couple of postcards.)

Most Wanted List

The following items would be especially cool:

The POSIX standard.
I would love to have any and all parts of the POSIX spec, as I don't have anything but derivative works.
An newsgroup.
I think has a nice ring to it.
Duh. Think about it; I have to maintain all my computers, buy compilers, buy compiler upgrades, buy replacement parts, and all this other stuff, just to keep up the skills from which I try to produce all this helpful stuff. I will gladly use donations towards things relevant to my never-ending effort to eliminate bad C from the world.
If you want to send money, but don't want to feel like a chump, hire me for consulting! I can make your computer do things you always vaguely suspected were possible, but didn't want to ask about for fear of looking like an idiot. Worried that you'll look like an idiot? Don't worry, I've been asked worse. I guarantee it.


Why should I send you stuff?
Because I spend a lot of time contributing to the Usenet community, and wouldn't mind some similarly voluntary returns. I'm not about to start charging for the Infrequently Asked Questions list, but I wouldn't mind if someone wanted to pay for it.
Is this tax-deductible?
No. I'd be happy to incorporate as a non-profit, if anyone wants to pay for it.
What's your address?
Send me email, and I'll give you the address. It's not posted here, to protect me from luzers who can't figure out how to send email, and want to send me package bombs. (Hey; I have to worry about something that won't happen.)

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