Utility.Auction.Cost (deprecated)

Returns the amount of silver it will cost to post a given auction.


cost = Utility.Auction.Cost(item, time, bid, buyout)
cost = Utility.Auction.Cost(item, time, bid, buyout, partial)
bidparameternumber/nilThe minimum bid for the new auction, in silver. nil if no bid is desired.
buyoutparameternumber/nilThe buyout for the new auction, in silver. nil if no buyout is desired.
itemparameteritemThe ID of the item to be auctioned.
partialparameterbooleanWhether partial buyouts should be permitted. Must be "false" if a buyout is not provided or if a bid is provided that is different from the buyout. If this parameter is omitted, will default to "true" when possible, or "false" otherwise.
timeparameternumberThe duration that the auction should last, in hours. Valid values are limited to 12, 24, and 48.
costresultnumberThe cost of posting this auction, in silver.