Creates a new frame. Frames are the blocks that all addon UIs are made out of. Since all frames must have a parent, you'll need to create a Context before any frames. See UI.CreateContext.
List of valid frame types:
Frame: The base type. No special capabilities. Useful for spacing, organization, input handling, and solid color squares.
Mask: Obscures the contents of child frames that do not fall within the mask boundaries.
Text: Displays text.
Texture: Displays a static texture image.
RiftButton: A standard Rift button widget.
RiftCheckbox: A standard Rift checkbox widget.
RiftScrollbar: A standard Rift scrollbar widget.
RiftSlider: A standard Rift slider widget.
RiftTextfield: A standard Rift textfield widget.
RiftWindow: A standard Rift window widget.


frame = UI.CreateFrame(type, name, parent)
nameparameterstringA descriptive name for this element. Used for error reports and performance information. May be shown to end-users.
parentparameterElementThe new parent for this frame.
typeparameterstringThe type of your new frame. Current supported types: Frame, Text, Texture.
frameresultFrameYour new frame.