Detaches an event handler from an event. Any parameter can be 'nil', and this is interpreted as a wildcard. If multiple events match the constraints, only one will be detached.


Layout:EventDetach(handle, callback)
Layout:EventDetach(handle, callback, label)
Layout:EventDetach(handle, callback, label, priority)
Layout:EventDetach(handle, callback, label, priority, owner)
callbackparameterfunction/nilA callback function to search for.
handleparametereventFrameA handle to a frame event, usually pulled out of the "Event.UI." hierarchy.
labelparameterstring/nilHuman-readable label used to identify the handler in error reports, performance reports, and for later detaching.
ownerparameterstring/nilOwner to search for.
priorityparameternumber/nilPriority of the event handler. Higher numbers trigger first.