Read a set point from this frame. Must be given a single-axis coordinate.


layout, position, offset = Layout:ReadPoint(coordinate)
layout, position, offset = Layout:ReadPoint(x, y)
origin, offset = Layout:ReadPoint(coordinate)
origin, offset = Layout:ReadPoint(x, y)
coordinateparameterstringNamed coordinate. Must be a one-axis coordinate.
xparameternumber/nilX coordinate of the point. Either this or Y must be nil.
yparameternumber/nilY coordinate of the point. Either this or X must be nil.
layoutresultLayoutThe table that this point is pinned to.
offsetresultnumberThe offset in pixels from the source location to the actual location.
originresultstringThe string "origin".
positionresultnumberThe position on "layout" that this point is pinned. 0 refers to the top or left edge, 1 refers to the bottom or right edge.