Provides detailed information about a unit's castbar.


detail = Inspect.Unit.Castbar(unit)
details = Inspect.Unit.Castbar(units)
unitparameterunitA unit, in either unit ID or unit specifier format.
unitsparametertableA table containing units to inspect.
detailresulttableDetail table for a single castbar.
detailsresulttableDetail tables for all requested castbars. The key is the unit ID or unit specifier, the value is the castbar's detail table.
ability ID of the ability being cast, if available.
abilityName Name of the ability being cast.
begin The time the cast started, in the context of Inspect.Time.Frame.
channeled True if this ability is channeled.
duration Duration of the cast in seconds.
expired Number of the seconds the cast is past its completion time. Generally indicates lag.
remaining Time remaining on the cast, in seconds.
uninterruptible Signals that the cast is not interruptible.