Returns information about mail.


Interaction category: mail

detail = Inspect.Mail.Detail(mail)
details = Inspect.Mail.Detail(mails)
mailparametermailThe identifier of the mail to retrieve detail for.
mailsparametertableA table of identifiers of mail to retrieve detail for.
detailresulttableDetail table for a single mail.
detailsresulttableDetail tables for all requested mail. The key is the mail ID, the value is the mail's detail table.
attachments The attachments available on this mail. A number if this mail has basic information, or a table of item IDs if this mail has detailed information.
body The body of this mail. Available only if detailed information on the mail has been retrieved.
cod The Cash on Delivery required to retrieve attachments out of this mail message.
expire The time this mail will expire, in Unix timestamp form.
from The name of the character this mail was sent from.
id The ID of the requested element.
read "true" if you have already opened this mail.
spam "true" if this mail is considered spam.
subject The subject line for this mail.