Provides detailed information about guildmembers.


detail = Inspect.Guild.Roster.Detail(guildmember)
details = Inspect.Guild.Roster.Detail(guildmembers)
guildmemberparameterstringThe name of the guildmember to retrieve data for.
guildmembersparametertableA table of names of guildmembers to retrieve data for.
detailresulttableDetail table for a single guildmember.
detailsresulttableDetail tables for all requested guildmembers. The key is the guildmember's name, the value is the guildmember's detail table.
id The ID of the requested element.
level The guildmember's level.
logout The guildmember's last logout time, in UNIX time.
name The guildmember's name.
note The guildmember's public note.
noteOfficer The guildmember's officer note.
rank The guildmember's rank.
score The guildmember's achievement score.
status The guildmember's current status. May include "online" or "mobile". nil if the guildmember is offline.
zone The guildmember's current zone, if online.