Provide documentation on items in the addon environment. Called with no parameters, it returns a table listing all documentation. Can provide both human-readable and computer-readable documentation.


documentables = Inspect.Documentation()
documentation = Inspect.Documentation(item)
documentation = Inspect.Documentation(item, parseable)
documentationTable = Inspect.Documentation(item, parseable)
itemparametervariantThe item to get documentation on. May be either the item itself or a string identifier.
parseableparameterbooleanWhether to return in a computer-readable format, as opposed to the normal human-readable format.
documentablesresulttableList of all items that documentation can be retrieved for. In {["itemname"] = true} format.
documentationresultstringDocumentation for the requested item.
documentationTableresulttableComputer-readable documentation for the requested item. Format may change without warning.
(other) May include many other parameters. These parameters are not yet documented.
disabled Boolean that indicates whether this function is disabled for deprecation reasons.
readable Human-readable string version of this documentation.