Returns details about the specified dimension item.


detail = Inspect.Dimension.Layout.Details(dimensionitem)
details = Inspect.Dimension.Layout.Details(dimensionitems)
dimensionitemparameterdimensionitemThe identifier of the dimension item to retrieve detail for.
dimensionitemsparametertableA table of identifiers of dimension items to retrieve detail for.
detailresulttableTable of details about the dimension item specified.
detailsresulttableDetail table for all requsted dimension items. The key is the dimension item ID, the value is the dimension item's detail table.
coordX The X coordinate of the item.
coordY The Y coordinate of the item.
coordZ The Z coordinate of the item.
crated Indicates that the item is crated.
icon Resource filename of the item's icon.
id The item's id.
name The name of the item.
pitch The pitch of the item.
roll The roll of the item.
scale The scale of the item.
selected Indicates that the item is selected.
type The type of the item.
yaw The yaw of the item.