Provides detailed information about the buffs on a unit.


detail = Inspect.Buff.Detail(unit, buff)
details = Inspect.Buff.Detail(unit, buffs)
buffparameterbuffAn identifier for the buff to retrieve detail for.
buffsparametertableA table containing buff identifiers to retrieve details for.
unitparameterunitThe unit to inspect.
detailresulttableDetail table for a single buff.
detailsresulttableDetail tables for all requested buffs. The key is the buff ID, the value is the buff's detail table.
ability The ID of the ability that created this buff. Not guaranteed to exist.
begin The time the buff started, in the context of Inspect.Time.Frame.
caster Unit ID of the buff's caster.
curse Signals that the buff is a curse.
debuff Signals that the buff is a debuff. If this is missing, then it's an actual buff.
description Description for the buff. Numbers may not be accurate - see Command.Buff.Describe().
descriptionComplete Signals that the buff description is complete.
disease Signals that the buff is a disease.
duration Duration of the buff in seconds.
expired Number of seconds the buff is past its expiration time. Generally indicates lag.
icon Resource filename of the buff's icon.
id The ID of the requested element.
name Name of the buff.
noncancelable Signals that the buff cannot be voluntarily canceled. Does not show up for debuffs.
poison Signals that the buff is a poison.
remaining Time remaining on the buff, in seconds.
rune If this buff is created by a rune, the ID of the rune causing it.
stack Number of stacks on the buff.
type The buff type ID.