Provides detailed information about loaded addons.


detail = Inspect.Addon.Detail(addon)
details = Inspect.Addon.Detail(addons)
addonparameterstringAn addon identifier.
addonsparametertableA table containing addon identifiers.
detailresulttableDetail table for a single addon.
detailsresulttableDetail tables for all requested addons. The key is the addon identifier, the value is the addon's detail table.
data The "data" table provided to the addon at load time.
description The chosen localization of the TOC Description field.
id The ID of the requested element.
identifier The addon's identifier.
name The chosen localization of the TOC Name field.
nameShort The chosen localization of the TOC NameShort field.
toc The addon's RiftAddon.toc file, parsed and in table form.