Provides detailed information about achievements.


detail = Inspect.Achievement.Detail(achievement)
details = Inspect.Achievement.Detail(achievements)
achievementparameterachievementThe identifier of the achievement to retrieve detail for.
achievementsparametertableA table of identifiers of achievements to retrieve detail for.
detailresulttableDetail table for a single achievement.
detailsresulttableDetail tables for all requested achievements. The key is the achievement ID, the value is the achievement's detail table.
alliance The alliance that this achievement requires, either "guardian", "defiant", or nil.
category ID of the achievement's category.
complete true is the achievement is completed by this character. If the achievement has been completed by another of the player's characters, gives that character's name.
description The achievement's description.
icon Internal name of the achievement's icon.
id The ID of the requested element.
name The achievement's name.
previous The ID of the achievement immediately previous to this in a chain.
requirement Table listing the requirements for this achievement. Each item may include multiple members.
type: The type of the requirement. Valid values include "achievement", "artifactset", "discover", "event", "quest", and "tradeskill".
name: The name of the requirement.
count: The count required for completion.
countDone: The count already completed.
complete: Signals that this requirement is complete.
id: The id of whatever this requires.
score The number of points this achievement awards for completion.
sort A number indicating the order that this achievement should be sorted in.
title The ID of the title this achievement awards.
watch Signals that this achievement is being watched.