Signals incoming guild log data. Can be triggered manually with Command.Guild.Log.Request().


logparametervariantAn array containing the refreshed guild log items, in order.
achievement The achievement involved.
coin The amount of silver involved.
count The number of items involved.
item The item type involved.
level The level involved.
rank The rank involved.
source The source of the log event.
target The target of the log event.
type The type of the log message. May be any of achievement, bankCoinDeposit, bankCoinHeal, bankCoinTithe, bankCoinWithdraw, bankItemDeposit, bankItemWithdraw, bankVault, charterSign, charterUnsign, demote, demoteTrial, dimensionBuy, finder, firstAchievement, firstCollection, firstItem, firstKill, firstQuest, form, found, invite, kick, leave, level, motd, promote, rankEdit, rename, transferred, unlearnActive, unlearnPassive, wallDelete, wallModify, xp, or xpQuest.
xp The amount of XP involved.