Gets a specific element from a target's storage. The result will be sent to Event.Storage.Get. This command is throttled by the "storage" throttle type on both the client and server.


Command.Storage.Get(target, segment, identifier, callback)
callbackparametercallbackfunctionA standard command callback, used for detecting success or failure. See the "callbackfunction" documentation for more details.
identifierparameterstringThe identifier of the storage bucket. Must be at least three characters long.
segmentparameterstringThe storage segment to access. "player" will access the target's per-player storage, "guild" will access the target's guild's per-guild storage. If this function has no target parameter, then the player will be targeted.
targetparameterstringThe name of the player whose storage should be accessed. Will work only on players in your guild, players in your group, or players that the addon unit system is aware of.