Spouses: awesome


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So, last night, I woke up with weird leg cramps. Like, unlike any I’ve had before, and really disturbing. Different muscles, often two or three areas at once, and much more persistant than the kind I occasionally get and I’m sorta used to. And after a while of this, I concluded that I wanted painkillers, so I went to go get some.

Problem #1: When my leg is in severe pain, and the muscles are not consistently obeying orders, walking is much harder than usual.
Problem #2: I was distracted and forgot I was warm-blooded, so I had no temperature regulation, and by the time I’d been out of the bed for 15 seconds, I was shivering and miserable.

So I got about to my door and realized I had no clue how I could get to the ibuprofen.

Solution: Plaintive noises directed at spouse.

Within a minute, I was in bed again, with another blanket, and some ibuprofen. Within three minutes I had a heating pad and some candied ginger (my stomach was not feeling great, either). And instructions to call reasonably loudly if I needed anything else, because Jesse was gonna be asleep momentarily.

Within ten minutes, I was back to sleep, happy and comfortable.

You know, people fuss about how gay marriage is gonna make gay people have sex, but it’s not. They’ve pretty much got that down. No, what gay marriage does is make gay people have someone to comfort them and take care of them. I cannot tell whether the people who oppose recognition of gay marriages are really opposed to that, or whether they just have no idea what marriage is about. Either way, it makes me sorta sad for them.

Also, Jesse is awesome.