Well, at least Akin isn't gonna be lonely.


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“Apparently, it’s not just Akin.“http://www.politicspa.com/updated-smith-makes-abortion-gaffe-with-audio/40404/ (Or try this link if that one’s busted.)

Thing is, I can totally see the point he seems to have been trying to make, which is that he thinks people who didn’t plan to be pregnant might want to keep the baby. Except that the way he chose to make it seems to make it pretty clear that he doesn’t think that what they want should be relevant, either before or after conception. And the thing is… None of the pro-choice folks I’ve ever met have said a word against women who want to carry a pregnancy to term, if there is any real chance that they could do so. So it’s not as though the idea that someone might want to carry a pregnancy to term is shocking or unusual. But it’s also not a rebuttal to the observation that some people might not want to.

Ultimately, this just confirms: The vast majority of “pro-life” positions in the US aren’t about saving lives, they’re about punishing sluts. And since rape victims sort of upset that view of things, and the GOP is committed to a plank that absolutely and unconditionally opposes abortion, the only resolution is to view being raped as a kind of promiscuity.

This is not healthy. This is what happens when you reason from a required conclusion to the facts that would have supported it.

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