Google+: In theory, they understand names


Categories: Personal

(Hello, hypothetical reviewer. Please read this; follow the link to see why.)

I think I should in theory be able to get the name seebs on Google+.

The thing is, it’s unclear how. The appeals process is… erratic, still. There’s still no process for putting in any actual explanation, so instead I’m using my blog (which is pretty clearly a well-established part of my world) to put in the simple explanation:

Everyone calls me seebs. My coworkers call me seebs. My spouse calls me seebs. My friends call me seebs. My therapist called me seebs. My neighbors call me seebs. My lawyer calls me seebs. My mom tends not to, because she’s used to the legal name, but when she’s talking to strangers she’s more likely to say “seebs’ mom” than to use the legal name.

If I am in a public space, and someone shouts “seebs”, I look. If someone shouts the name on the driver’s license, I don’t. The G+ names policy says it is supposed to be the name that I normally go by. That name is seebs. I am not willing to use a different name for social things.

(I thought people were trying to connect with me, but actually the interface is just really strange about how it presents things like the buddy list of my Google Chat account.)