Liar, liar, pants on fire


Categories: Personal Politics

So, there’s this long story. As always, Snopes has pretty good coverage of the whole issue.

1. Chick-fil-a, a restaurant chain, is identified as supporting various anti-gay causes.
2. In an interview, Chick-fil-a CEO says yes, that’s true.
3. The Jim Henson Company breaks off a deal with Chick-fil-a, because they are not okay with the anti-gay thing.
4. Chick-fil-a claims they are recalling the toys over safety concerns

Now here’s the thing. That last bit? That seems to be a lie. It sure would be a heck of a coincidence for a company to stop distributing a toy over “safety concerns”, but not to issue any sort of recall or warning about any hazaards whatsoever, right after the partner providing the toy stopped doing business with them.

And this, I think, gets to the heart of the issue: There is something that causes a lot of the anti-gay people to feel that their cause is so righteous that there is no reason at all that they shouldn’t lie to make themselves look better in pursuit of it. And that is not a thing that is usually associated with righteous causes; it’s a thing that is associated with pride and a pre-existing dishonesty.