Mmm, starbucks.


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Okay, simple fact: I like frappucino, but it’s overpriced.

But Starbucks recently got a tiny little hilariously ineffectual boycott launched against them for coming out and saying that they support gay marriage. I particularly like this quote from their shareholder meeting

“I think any decision of this type or magnitude has to be made with great thoughtfulness,” Schultz said. “And I would assure you that the senior team of Starbucks discussed this, and it was … to be candid with you, not something that was a difficult decision for us.”

There’s no Starbucks around here, but I happened to be up in the Sin Cities, as they call them, and whaddya know, Target had boxes of Frappucino. So I got some.

Thing about boycotts: If the outraged responses to your stupid boycott draw more business in, they’re not working. (Speaking of which, the mall girl scouts sold me 24 boxes of thin mints today.)

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From: aynfean
Date: 2012-03-25 23:19:53 -0500

Interesting, I hadn’t realized any of this was going on. I think I’ll go get a Starbucks this weekend before I help my daughter sell her Girl Scout cookies :)