Turnabout: Still fair play


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Proposed restrictions on Viagra

I am offended at the callous attitude towards male health illustrated here. These proposed rules do not do nearly enough to protect the precious flower of masculine virtue.

Before people can be given access to possibly-dangerous drugs, we need to be sure that their partners are aware of the risks, and have a chance to reconsider. With that in mind, I think we should amend these proposed bills as follows:

1. Patients should provide a list of the people with whom they intend to have sex using erectile dysfunction medication.
2. A face-to-face meeting where all such people get to meet with a doctor who can warn them about the risks they are exposing their partner to.
3. It shall be a misdemeanor offense to use erectile dysfunction medication to have sex with someone who has not been so informed.

This is substantially less intrusive or demeaning than recent GOP legislation efforts directed at female-only health problems.

That’s sorta scary.