Quick review: ASUS G53SX


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To make a long story short, the price of playing games with my spouse is having a 15” gaming laptop. We picked the ASUS G53SX because I have been pretty happy with my older G73JH.

Things to note about this model:

Overall, though, a very credible system. i7-2670QM (2.2GHz), 8GB of memory upgradeable to 16, 2x 7400RPM 500GB drives, GeForce 560M with 2GB of video memory. Plays Rift just fine (though it’s not getting 30-60fps at max settings), plays other stuff decently. And unlike the idiotic ATI drivers on the G73, it can drive an HDMI display correctly. (The ATI drivers have a setting for underscan/overscan which DOES NOT offer “do not overscan or underscan, just treat the TV like any other flat panel display”, nor does any setting in the driver correspond to that.)