Therapy doggerel


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With a bit of help from my mom, who spotted a meter error:

Purchasing catnip for
Molly McPettinscat
typically indolent,
furry and cute;

under the influence
fights with the furniture
not so astute.

I love doggerel. Up to a point. I was on a forum once where there was a “limerick contest” in which many of the entries fell slightly short of the traditional standard, with such defects as not rhyming, rhyming in the wrong pattern, and the like. I’d comment on the meter violations, but I’m not sure I saw any with correct meter, so maybe no one knew.

My contribution was:

A limerick’s humor is best
when it passes a metrical test.
And if it won’t rhyme,
please don’t waste our time,
and give the poor subject a rest.

… I note in passing that “therapy doggerel” itself is a double-dactyl. Go wild.

s.: Yes, we really do call her Molly McPettinscat. It doesn’t make her answer to her name any more, but it also doesn’t make her answer to her name any less.