Taking the "practical" out of "practical joke"


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Okay, so. We coin a bunch of neologisms, and organize a number of writers, artists, singers, and so on, to get these words into widespread use quickly; so widespread that they enter dictionaries.


So that in a couple of generations, when people encounter:

“To find a rhyme for silver, or any ‘rhymeless’ rhyme
Requires only will, verbosity, and time.”
–Stephen Sondheim

they will have no idea what he was talking about, because silver, being one of the most easily-rhymed words in English, is the word that crappy pop love songs use over and over to avoid having to look for anything interesting.

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From: Bob O`Bob
Date: 2011-09-09 01:37:20 -0500

Can we find a way to pick on that hack Webber, too?