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Long ago, I got sick of silly backgrounds for WoW characters. I decided to treat it not as a thing I disliked… but as a challenge. Reposted here since I don’t have easy access to it elsewhere.

Merisioux is your personal ideal of feminine beauty, even if you didn’t think you had one. She exemplifies everything you have ever loved, wanted, dreamed of, or hoped for. Tragically, her own tragic tale is not as beautiful, being full of tragedy. Meri is half blood elf, half night elf, half priest, half rogue, half demon, half vampyr, and all woman. She was raised from humble beginnings.

After her parents were killed in a bizarre gardening accident, she was adopted by a deeply loving family, all of whom were then tortured to death in front of her very eyes (which are a brilliant sparkling purple except when she is in a bad mood, when they turn a deep red). Her third adoptive family choked to death on their own vomit. Her fourth spontaneously combusted when Pyrelle hit them with a Pyroblast. Each of these tragedies has left an indelible mark on Meri’s gentile soul. Because of her amazing strength of character, Meri was adopted by the Frostwolf clan, and is technically Thrall’s older sister.

Although her outward form (with beautiful golden eyes that glitter like stars) may give the impression of a shallow girl with no interests in life other than trades involving your mats and her nethers, she is in fact incredibly deep. You are filled with an abiding respect for her and would NEVER be mean or snide towards her. When she roleplays, you obviously play along and keep her the center of attention, because she is just that awesome and might flirt with you if you’re very lucky, and go a lot further if you have gold in hand.

After she became the first person to fully explore Ulduar, she became locked in an epic battle with an Elder God, a titanic struggle for her very soul! Sometimes she is consumed by the darkness within, and becomes a creature of shadow and darkness! However, so far she has always successfully overcome the evil, beating it off for a time to return to her search for the Light. When she is free of the shadow, she is quick to celebrate her banal victories.

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From: Linda Seebach
Date: 2011-07-12 07:49:47 -0500

Oh! Merisioux!