According to the giant donut, I have a knee!


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So my knee’s been hurting lately, and the doctor suggested an MRI. This is awesome fun. HUUUUGE donut full of machinery. Makes loud noises. They provide headphones, which have poor fidelity because they’re driven by a hose with air in it; they couldn’t have actual magnetic drivers near the MRI machine. Note for the curious: You know how they used to have something scary and dangerous called Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, which was very scary, but now they have something harmless and safe called Magnetic Resonance Imaging? Same thing. The “nuclear” there just refers to the nucleus of an atom, which is boring and safe, and NMR/MRI is unrelated to fission and fusion.

So anyway, they got “some good pictures”, which means that, according to modern medical science, I have a knee. My Catholic friends, of course, will be quick to point out that all medical science can tell us is that I have the accidents, or outward form, of a knee.