This just in: "flaunt" is not fancy-talk for "have".


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Someone recently reported that the iPhone 5 would be “flaunting” a Cortex A8 processor. As a guy who works on embedded toolchains, I actually know roughly what that means. I could even speculate as to its implications…

But you can be pretty sure that ads for the iPhone 5 won’t say “Now, with Cortex A8 processor!” and it won’t be on the box. They won’t advertise “Cortex A8” in the specification list on the web site.

Which is to say, they won’t flaunt it.

I really wish tech reporters would focus less on trying to find more words they can use, and more on using words which actually describe the things under discussion.

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From: Pojut
Date: 2011-01-19 15:00:19 -0600

I think this sort of thing happens because supposed “tech” writers are far less knowledgeable about the topic they’re writing about than they should be. They try to hide their relatively low understanding by using “big” or “important” sounding words (or, depending on their publication/intended audience, “buzzwords”.)

See people that overuse “therefore”, “paradigm”, or any word that has a synonym consisting of four letters or less as an example.