Barclay/Juniper charges interest on fees, or do they?


Categories: Personal

My credit card statement on my Barclaycard (aka Juniper VISA) account showed up with an unexplained \$2.00 charge. Why \$2.00? Because that’s the minimum amount of interest they can charge. What were they charging interest on? \$0.46. But my statement showed the whole balance as being paid. When I asked a rep about this, he said that they charge interest on foreign transaction fees starting immediately, like cash advances. Now, foreign transaction fees are already sorta sleazy, but that quickly migrates into “ridiculous”. I asked them to cancel the account, whereupon I was transferred to a specialist who looked into it and informed me that no, they don’t charge interest on these fees, it was purely a banking error.

For now, I’m not cancelling, but I mention this in case anyone else gets told that they are charged interest on foreign transaction fees; that seems like a lovely scam to run, and my suspicion is that they charge that interest unless you notice and complain.