Yay thumpy music!


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One of the forums I’m on has a Secret Santa thing every year, and my secret santa sent me a bunch of thumpy music.

I love thumpy music. When it’s working (especially if it’s sort of new to me), it’s a lot like ADHD meds; it somehow cuts through the constant buzzing and static of my brain’s normal addled haze and makes it possible for me to think. And, perhaps more impressively, sometimes it makes it possible for me to [b]not[/b] think. I’m not good at that. Like a lot of ADHD people, I can’t sleep until I’m utterly exhausted. As long as there are things I haven’t fully thought through, my brain’s running full speed. All the time. I’m sorta used to it, but I really do wonder what it’s like to be “relaxed”.

Odd historical trivia: There was a 3DO game called [i]Starfighter 3000[/i], which was pretty fun (amazing for the time, too), which I liked particularly for its thumpy sound track. I still have a copy of that sound track in my music collection (the PC version of the game used standard CD audio for the music tracks, so I could just rip them). I sometimes wonder whether the person/people who did it are still doing music, and if so, where I’d find them.

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From: AshtaraSilunar
Date: 2017-04-18 16:43:23 -0500

I know this is an ancient post, but I stumbled across it looking for something else.

Per these two links, the composer was credited as being John Avery.

That’s as far as I got, since there are several music-related ‘John Avery’s. But maybe it’s useful.