Holiday season retail secrets


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I see no reason why WikiLeaks should have a monopoly on revealing carefully-guarded secrets. What I’m about to reveal to you are secrets more closely guarded than the formula for Coca Cola. Most people would not believe these things even if you told them. They are outlandish, they are implausible, and most people would never imagine them. And yet, I tell you: They are true.

I dunno what it is about Christmas shopping that makes people be assholes to retail workers. But, you know. Knock it off. They have homes to go back to, for the most part. They have families to be with. They have friends. They have, in short, just as much right to a peaceful or relaxing holiday season as you do.

And, here’s the other secret: If you treat them decently, you’ll get better service. Works way, way, better than yelling at them. So even if you’re completely free of genuine concern for fellow human beings, and all you want is to get good service, you’ll still be better off being nice.

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From: Christine K.
Date: 2011-09-10 23:25:34 -0500

* Word of the day, every day: Prophylactic.
If you used one, I wouldn’t have to witness your bad parenting or be subjected to “Bring your screaming child to Target day”. Everyone is staring at you, not just the underpaid retail worker. * As courtesy, to our “guests”, and to be more energy efficient, the retail store is dimming the lights. (So, you can go ahead and take your sunglasses off.) * As courtesy, to our “guests”, and to be recognized for our wonderful customer service, you have entered the cell phone “dead zone”. Please, now apologize to whom on the phone you’re speaking, and inform them of your location. Please don’t give your cashier the respect, or appropriate chance to service you professionally. And, yes your cashier is taking your order extraordinarily loud. * Where the hell were you raised, the barn?? Pick up after your damn selves. You just passed 6 garbage cans. * Do I really have to read the sign to you?? * Repeat after me: “PLEASE” and “THANK YOU”.

Over worked, under paid, exhausted, retail worker.