Watching old movies is weird.


Categories: Personal

So, a while back, we saw a handful of old James Bond movies on sale for \$5 each, and picked them up. They’re from the Roger Moore era. In the process of watching these, I’ve learned many things. For instance, I learned that in canon, James Bond was married. I didn’t realize this. I have to say, it’s not one of the things that would most come to mind if you were to think about his most noticeable character traits.

FWIW, I still like Moore’s Bond the best. I like the unruffled mild silliness much better than I like the later “super gritty”. And yes, I’m well aware that this is less true to the books; the books really didn’t appeal to me as much.

Why, you ask, am I watching fluffy old movies? Because I have a cold, and while I no longer feel as though I am dying, I still don’t have much for brains, so it’s silly old movies for me. Although I am a bit concerned by the housemates discussing nailing my door shut and painting “Lord Have Mercy” on it. Really, it wasn’t THAT bad.