... WTF? "Diet" food is actually tasty?


Categories: Personal

So, one of my friends has been eating a bunch of food from the “diet” section of the grocery store, not out of a desire to lose weight, but just because it’s apparently tasty.

Well, I noticed that there was a “Lean Cuisine” branded microwave pizza. And I like pizza, most of the time, and I wouldn’t mind a single-person sized pizza. So I got one.

It’s delicious. This really surprised me. I’m used to frozen pizza being a little bland in spots, and sort of having to doctor it to turn it into food. More importantly, I’m used to basically anything advertised as diet, lite, light, lean, thin, or possibly desireable to people who want to lose weight, as tasting like stale cardboard. (I assume this is how you are supposed to lose weight; if food is horrible, you don’t eat it.) This was actually tasty without any special magic. The downside, of course, is the price – it’s about the same price as twice as much pizza of a more conventional variety. On the other hand, if I don’t want twice as much pizza, that’s not an awful thing.

Now I just need to hit the grocery store on a day when they have enough of them to cover my breakfast needs for a while.