My cat. Is afraid. Of the dark.


Categories: Personal

So, I have a really snuggly kitty, but for reasons heretofore unknown, she is almost never a kitty who cuddles up to me while I sleep. But she does sometimes. Especially when I’m napping.

Well. We’ve done some tests, and I am now prepared to offer an explanation: She is afraid of the dark.

If, when I go to bed, it’s light in my room (comfortable reading light for humans), within a few minutes the cat is sitting on me purring loudly. If it’s dark in my room, she does not approach, and indeed, if she’s on the bed when the lights go out, she runs away. The same holds true for other rooms; she will sleep in Jesse’s room all day, but at night, she won’t go there unless the lights are on.

The only conclusion I can justify is that my cat is afraid of the dark. Oh, well. She also comes when called and likes to be carried around. I’m assuming that she is, in fact, not a cat.