Rails, round 1: Initial setup


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The initial setup is mostly easy.


Here’s the essential problem: Rails, and Ruby in general, are in the midst of some fairly active development. In fact, extremely active. The bulk of the how-to guides and writeups I found in casual searches, though, are older. The result?

Outdated information. As an example, I want to use Rails with PostgreSQL (because MySQL is really not even in the same class, frankly). So I went to look up how to do this. I found a bunch of different guides, for a bunch of different versions of Rails. Some talked about the “new” support available in Rails 0.10 or 0.13 or so. Some talked about the two different PostgreSQL adapters available for Ruby, the older “postgres” and newer “pg” adapters. (Only the old one works… Or worked?)

It turns out that, so far as I can tell, current Rails (version 2.2.2) works fine with the current “pg” adapter. So a whole ton of information out there is at best a little obsolete.

On the other hand… It works, so far as I can tell, pretty much without substantive effort. Now I have a “rails” project, such that if I run “script/server”, I have a program listening on port 3000 that says welcome to Rails.

I’m still a bit confused about all the options and choices being offered. I haven’t yet gotten far enough into this to know how I would decide what “models” and “controllers” I want to generate, but apparently there’s a script to do this. From here, this is all a bit overwhelming – of course, it doesn’t help that I’m off my meds and getting interrupted a lot. But I think I have Rails installed, and I have a database server running, so I’m probably pretty close to being able to start playing with it. I’ve put in about half an hour, maybe forty-five minutes, so far.

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From: Pankaj Doharey
Date: 2010-03-06 22:29:22 -0600

This is not a comment but a obvious question as to …..

PostgreSQL (because MySQL is really not even in the same class, frankly) ….

Whya is it so …. both are preety much equivalent …. if any could u specify some sources ….