GameStop: We don't like your email address


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So, a while back, I placed a pre-order at Gamestop for the Wrath of the Lich King Collector’s Edition.

They cancelled it, and did not contact me. (This has happened to other people.) I finally got in touch with them, and the reason is that their “card verification processor” has decided that my email address is “suspicious”. So there’s a suspicion of fraud, and they’ve cancelled the order. (I can’t place it again; the Collector’s Edition is a limited-supply item which sold out within a couple of days.) They don’t contact the people affected: There’s a suspicion of fraud.

So. If you are in the habit of pre-ordering games, do not order them from Gamestop. They may, if their card verification system hiccups, cancel your order.

They cannot disclose who does this verification for them. They have no information about it. They also say it’s very accurate and that they trust it, and that they cannot take a customer’s word for it that the system is in error.

Update: I got more information, and they’re probably getting me some games afterall.