I'm not dead, really.


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It’s been a while. :)

So, the big summary is, I overcommitted back around February, but didn’t notice quickly enough, and didn’t cope well, so I’m still getting unburied. Since then, we’ve sold off the old house, my mom’s moved to a new apartment, I’ve done a big chunk of a consulting project, I’ve written a bit over a third of a book (which was originally going to be done by now, unfortunately), gotten tetanus shots, written several columns, tutorials, and articles, and actually sorta caught up at work.

One of the underlying reasons I update so rarely is that Movable Type’s Berkeley DB backend is sorta lame. I am trying to decide what if anything to migrate to; it looks like TextPattern is probably my best choice, but it also requires me to learn more new skills. (WordPress uses PHP, and I already know PHP; I also already hate PHP.)

Anyway, yes, there’s still a blog, and I even plan to post in it occasionally.

For those who might have wondered: Yes, MS Word 2008 is still unusable on the Mac. However, a recent update may have fixed the horrible visual corruption glitches, even though the release notes do not mention anything of the sort.