I've got a bike, I can't ride it if I like


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So, when I lived in the cities, my bikes got stolen. I mean, all of them. I’ve never been able to keep a bike over a year or two. Some less than that. Now that I’ve moved back to a town where I grew up with the knowledge that the car keys were kept in the ignition so you could find them, I figured it was about time to go get a bike. I had some store credit at REI (gotta love coops) so I figured I’d get a bike.

Turns out that yesterday was the last day of “20% off any one item for members”. Which means the selection was pretty well picked over, and I couldn’t get the Best Possible Bike, but I could get a pretty decent bike at a very good price. So I did. And I got a kickstand, and a little bag for tools and tire patches, and all this. And I took the whole setup home, and planned to go out and play on a bike today at the slightest excuse. “Oh, no! We seem to be out of cereal! I’d better BIKE to the store!”

Snowed in

Well, there goes that idea.

Truly, I am never allowed to know joy.

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From: Rick
Date: 2008-03-31 19:58:33 -0500

Depends on how game you are for the cold. Bikes actually make surprisingly good winter vehicles so long as you can mostly keep away from the cars. You’ll feel as though you’re pedalling through soft sand everywhere, and there’ll be a few inevitable spills, but it’s definitely a good time.

From: Linda Seebach
Date: 2008-04-03 10:59:39 -0500

Not only did we sometimes leave the keys in the ignition, but every time we bought another Studebaker (and over the years that was quite a few times) Seebs’ dad would rekey the cylinders so all the cars used the same keys. Much handier.

– seebs’ mom

From: Dirk
Date: 2008-04-05 05:25:56 -0500

I bike to work (almost) every day, that’s 20 km a day.

My bike hates the rain. When it’s raining I got to take the tramway, but that takes half an hour longer to get there. Or I call one of the colleagues living in the neighbourhood and working in the same shift.

Today is raining, but saturday, free.