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A bit over month ago, I got interested in various demonstrations pertaining to the “Church” of Scientology. The February 10th demonstrations had at least 7,500 members around the world, at dozens of locations. There were apparently about three arrests – of Scientologists who attacked the peaceful demonstrators. There doesn’t seem to have been a single violent or illegal act by any protestor.

The CoS has spent the intervening months doing what they always do. Despite the lies about how the Scientology policy of harassing and intimidating critics has been stopped, it’s still going. One man who’s been holding a sign at a safe distance from one of their buildings was approached by someone who identified his full name, his employer’s name, his position, and other personal information – and told him that he would soon be in trouble for fraud and forgery. Obviously, for this to happen, they have to forge the evidence – but the Church of Scientology has extensive experience forging evidence.

The CoS also tried to get an injunction against peaceful protestors, justified by claiming that there were “threats”. They have failed at least twice so far, but in the process, they named names. Whose names? Bystanders that happened to be in the area and whose names they were able to obtain, of course!

Since the last protest, I’ve learned a lot of things about the CoS. For instance, I didn’t know about the forced abortions for women in “Sea Org”. I didn’t know that CoS parents are often induced to sign paperwork appointing staff as guardians of their kids, who are sent to “school” that consists of ten and twelve hour days of labor – rather than any kind of education.

So, it’s on again for tomorrow. The theme? L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday party! We will have silly hats, and we will have big ribbons on our signs.

Come on out. Compared to last time, when it was about fifty below including windchill, it’ll be a balmy thirty above or so. (For those of you not used to our excellent system, think of these as “negative forty-five” and “about zero”. And yes, a temperature at which water freezes is “balmy” for Minnesota.) The MN demonstration is intended for about 11AM to 4PM at the CoS office in downtown Minneapolis. Bring your friends, bring signs, and above all: Do not plan to be destructive or hostile. The people here are, for the most part, the victims of a destructive cult. The goal is to help them, and stop the abuses. This is not about how “weird” the beliefs of Scientology are, this is not about stopping them from practicing their religion. It’s about stopping the thing where Scientologists kidnap people and deny them medical care until they die.

People like Lisa McPherson, who was killed by the cult. To be fair, it’s true that a doctor disputed those findings. Of course, that doctor was being paid tens of thousands of dollars by the Church of Scientology – that’s not the kind of money you get without finding a way to call someone’s death an “accident”.

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From: SovietShark
Date: 2008-03-16 19:34:08 -0500

Hey seebs, you did come to the protest didn’t you? On March 15th?

I’d like to see any pictures you took if you have! I know its pretty early after the protest, but enturbulation is down and people always want more!

From: Unity (Una)
Date: 2008-03-26 15:54:22 -0500

SEEBS. I just saw your sink picture on Fail Blog. Which is funnily enough how I ended up here. You’re like a famous interwebs dude nao liek omg!!1 You had better remember me when you finally make it to the top. I was there when Math dinged 70 after all! And I used up a shadowcloth cooldown for Timi! xD

I looked at Math on the armory btw. We’ve got some work to do on him, ah’ll tell yew wut.

ANYHOW. I will try to be on AIM more often so we can chat again.