Today, I am FAMOUS!


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I made it into the media. Twice!

The first is coverage of my ongoing crusade against junk faxing. As you might expect, the junk faxer lied. She apparently claimed that they have “since gone out of business” – but the Secretary of State never got told. Her claims about how the mortgage leads business worked are obvious nonsense. Also, they were still sending faxes five or six months after I spoke to them about the faxes and their legality – and they knew, when I called them the first time. The article doesn’t mention it, but Integris also fed information back to their fax blaster, who gave my home phone number out to complainers, claiming I was the advertiser.

The second is an article on why OOXML is not a viable standard, published by IBM developerWorks. It’s an attempt to clarify issues so those of you who know a bit about computers, or are interested in XML, but haven’t got the time to read a six thousand page standard, can quickly get up to speed on what exactly is the big deal.

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From: Douglas Muth
Date: 2008-02-25 09:57:17 -0600

Hmm… I have an otherwise unused landline at my home… maybe I should hook up a fax machine to it. :-P