An open letter to the Scientologists


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There was a really compelling Scientologist at one of the protests over the weekend, who was asking a really hard question: Do we want her to just walk away from the religion she’s practiced for twenty years because some guy who can’t even get his facts straight says it’s bad?

No, ma’am. We don’t.

Like most of the people involved in these protests, I really have no objection to people believing stuff that sounds crazy to me. You have thetans, I have my magical Jewish zombie, and that’s fine by me. I don’t object to Scientology. I object to the harassment tactics practiced by the Church of Scientology. I object to people dying at the hands of a cult.

I have no gripe with the rank and file victims of the cult, the people who will lose their jobs and never see their families again if they admit that the “tech” really isn’t working for them. I want them to be free. Free to read whatever books they want. Free to question what they’re told. Free to practice that religion, or any other, as they please. So I suppose it’s time for an open letter to our Scientologist friends:

No, friend, I don’t want you to walk away from the religion you’ve been in for much of your adult life.

If you walk away, your friends and family will be questioned, rigorously, about their possible influence in your doubts. That is to say, they will likely be tortured, and charged for the privilege.

If you walk away, you may lose your job, your home, and everyone you know, all at once.

If you walk away, you are quite likely to be stalked and harassed for the rest of your life, with a never-ending string of “bad luck” as people are told everything that the Church has on you that could hurt your chances.

None of us want that to happen to you. Keep on smiling. Keep your ears to the ground. If you are TOTALLY sure you are not being watched, go ahead and send a quick email, or post on a board somewhere. Let us know how it’s going. Let us know how we can help.

But for now? Stay safe. Until the control freaks are out of power, you are going to be very very vulnerable to their attacks. Chill. Relax. They will be gone soon. Hang in there. We’re coming.

We are worried for you.
We want you to be safe.
We are willing to take those risks for you.
Expect us.