Dr. Bronner is dead, but has been reincarnated as a PS3 fan.


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This is absolutely amazing. There’s a guy on a PS3 fan site who is… Well.

\$\$\$This is the battle between Seebs Pessimisms and My Optimisms!\$\$\$

While I choose to aim higher in order to hit a target. Seebs merely defaults to aiming at the floor and ends up having us hitting ourselves in the foot with his ignorance of what lies B3yond the Box!

I aim for the sky in order to at least hit something. While he aims for the floor, in order to miss the target entirely. Just so he can justify his wii bit of ignorance concerning his view of PS3’s Power!

It’s yin and yang in the balance. Darth Vader against Luke Skywalker. Out to harness the Force to conquer Evil or to help him crush all opposition to his/their dominance. Mine is the Battle to allow us as PS3 Fans the Right to Feel Good about our console of choice. I’m positive and he’s negative. Numbers, facts and figures, without feelings even in the equation is what he offers. With only electrical shorts and quirks running rampant through his brain. We love our PS3 and he hates the fact that wii do. But we PS3 fans have rights too! To be free of his cutting, belittle-ling, pessimistic errant ugliness. We know about feelings and he only knows those feelings sown in doubt, hate, and fear of the unknown. We have rights not to be attacked by his childish egomania festering out in belligerent disrespect of our rights as human beings here.

The sense that he somehow owns these forums (therefore our very thoughts), invades and pervades the atmosphere that surrounds us. Making many of us afraid to post for fear of his and others (like Mynd and other so called professionals), who’s mere opinions are to be regarded as if from GODs! …..the use of imagination and the belief that we may have a better system than any of them believe, is considered heresy. Where the edge of the PS3 World, has yet to be fully explored by either Programmers or US! ……and that like in the Middle Ages (w/Columbus), crossing that line makes us all crazy lunatics in their eyes!

Are we going to continue to allow this invasion of despots with their sock puppets to scare us into retreat? They have us all backed into our foxholes. It’s time for a REVOLUTION! Where we get our information from where we can trust that it hasn’t been stretched to fit their lies. The information I provide here is not just from the same old boards and specs we’ve all seen a thousand times. I’ve gone to the Manufacturer’s specs on the actual parts numbers in our PS3’s. So now Seebs and his whole lot of snickering and anti-PS3 spam spewing clones/cronies can take a hike. It’s now our PS3’s they’re dealing with. For us it’s an Adventure, for them it’s a Mission of ill repute to brain wash us all in the name of their GOD. “IGNORANCE”!

By opening this thread I invited everyone in. Seebs moved in quickly to take possession of it. His fears of us will now be justified. As we take back our side of the PS3Forums and send them all packing into retreat behind their Wii and 360 console Forum barriers.

We the fans of the PS3 do hereby declare our Freedom from this invasion of Haters! ….and in order to form a more perfect PS3Forums (beyond the confines of their corrupt minds), we do solemnly swear to ignore the pestilence they bring upon us all. We do this in the name of “Freedom From Ignorance” for all Playstationkind!

As you might expect, his essential arguments are, uhm. Well, they’re innovative. He picks up bits and pieces of spec sheets, quotes them out of context, adds numbers when it doesn’t make sense to add them, multiplies things by irrelevant numbers, and makes up an incredible variety of lies. Given a slide from a 2006 Sony developer conference that has numbers on it he doesn’t like, he’s claimed that it’s a fake, he’s claimed that Sony’s Phil Harrison dismissed it as a “preparation error” in 2005, he’s claimed that it reflects specs from before major upgrades were made to the system, and he’s tried to argue that it doesn’t line up correctly with spec sheets. Interestingly, not only are all of these wrong, no two of them can both be correct at the same time!

If you find stupidity, and madness, interesting, have a look:


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From: Luka
Date: 2008-02-18 07:47:11 -0600

It’s like he thinks Particle Man v Triangle Man was a real court case and is desperate to re-enact it on the web.