The Cat In The Hat


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Molly, it turns out, was indeed not yet spayed. She is now. However, she is the sort of cat who nibbles at stitches, and she now has a nasty-looking incision that went a little septic, but looks to be improving with treatment.

This is the sort of thing which merits an epic poem. Sadly, I can’t write one.

Molly, wearing one of those collars to keep her from biting her stitches

The Cat In The Hat

The cat is in the hat.
The hat is on the cat.
The cat is sad!
The hat is bad!
The feet are too far, the walls are too near.
It weighs down her head, it flattens her ear.
Could we, please, remove the hat?
She would not bite.
She would not scratch.
Would we, please, release the cat?
She wants it gone,
with great dispatch.

(And no, the vet’s last name isn’t Geisel, why do you ask?)

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