Trendnet refuses valid rebate... Not this again!


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So, a while back, I wanted an 8-port gigabit switch, so I got a TrendNet which was \$30 – \$59.99, with a \$30 mail-in rebate.

Everyone already knows where this is going.

Sure enough, I got a letter, claiming “Submission did not include any original qualifying UPCs”.

You’ll note that, when they claim you didn’t submit something, it’s always the “original UPC”. Why? Because it’s the one part where, once you’ve sent it in, you don’t have it anymore. Sure, I have a scan. It’s not a great scan, but I have a scan of the UPC… But of course, not the original. (Unusually for me, I’m not sure I have the box the UPC was cut from – I think a roomie may have waved it in front of me and said “we can throw this trash out, right?”)

But that’s okay. See, what I learned from my Soyo rebate quest is this:
1. You can sue in small claims.
2. They will default.
3. Once they default, you can file an identification of judgement debtor.
4. Once an unsatisfied judgement shows up on their credit, they will pay. After all, they pretty much have to; no one’s about to go to court to dispute a \$150 or so rebate, keeping it up in the air for months, spending thousands of dollars defending the case.

I’ll call them, and I’ll explain that since I scanned everything right before it went in the envelope, I am confident that they do, in fact, have the original, qualifying, UPC. I will offer to send them the scan of it, and all that.

If they don’t agree to pay, then I sue.

BTW, lest you think this is somehow unusual:

There’s lots of other people having problems like this. Hey, guys! Calling the BBB does nothing. Suing in small claims gets you paid.

Some people say that, if instead of calling the rebate company at 800-679-9869, you call Trendnet directly at (310) 961-5500, you get better results.

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From: beoba
Date: 2007-10-28 21:45:17 -0500

While I cant comment on the quality of the rebate process, my parents once purchased a Trendnet wireless router, and it was total garbage. You could maybe get a signal from the thing if you were 5 feet away from it.