Amüsing ways to poke fun.


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The folks at ChristianForums have now enacted a de facto policy that any reference to uberchristians (note: no umlaut) is obviously somehow “spam”. Whether or not there’s a link, whatever; it’s always spam.

So, there’s some talk of trying to figure out a way to communicate to the people still left there that, in fact, they are not required to stay, and that the “beatings will continue until morale improves” atmosphere may not be the only way Christianity can ever be practiced.

Obviously, we can’t use little stick-figure fishies, because that’s been done.

Arbitrarily, ‘ü’ was selected. It’s nice. You can put it in anything; it’s a single letter, so it can’t easily be searched for. It occurs naturally in lots of words, like names of German theologians.

Anyway, to celebrate the occasion, I made a cat macro:

The inquisition has found you small, and condemned you to hügs

The slogan comes from a recent debate in which someone started talking about how, if Paul ran an inquisition, various people wouldn’t live up to it. I pointed out that, after Saul’s experiences running an inquisition, the thought seemed unlikely, so the topic turned to what would happen if God ran the inquisition. I say that everyone would be found small and a little scared, and condemned to hugs.

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From: Swart
Date: 2007-05-01 05:01:12 -0500

Okay, I’m convinced! I’m heading over to über…

From: TDEC
Date: 2007-06-01 15:37:59 -0500

That is wonderful. I have randomly added you to my blogroll just so lots of other people (well, maybe two or so) can enjoy this cat macro/lolcat.