Yet another Christian message board


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One of the frustrations of online communities is that it’s hard to make a good one. I last ran a BBS back in the early 90s; it was called “Schrodinger’s Cathouse”, and many people assumed my last name was Schrodinger.

Anyway, our new one is up; it’s called UberChristians. I was gonna have a webcomic called that, and/or an apologetics wiki, but I never got around to it.

We is me and a friend of mine, Flesh99. (It’s an online nickname, I don’t think it has to make sense.) We’ve been hanging around on some of the same boards for a while, and this is our attempt to resolve some of the issues that always face a new board. We’ll see how it goes. The site is intended to be a Christian site. That doesn’t mean something like a Christian bookstore, where everything is aimed at making people who self-identify as Christians feel safe and comfy. It’s run by Christians, according to our beliefs.

I can already see people cringing. You know what that’s code for; it’s code for a site where gay people get kicked in the teeth at every opportunity, and where people who ask questions like “well, who made God then?” find themselves banned. We’re not doing that. Hell no. I’ve seen too many sites distinguish between the “real” Christian members and everyone else, and we aren’t doing it. We might add a thing where you can put something in your profile about your religion, but we are not going to make special forums for Christians-only or anything like that. That would be contrary to the [b]practice[/b] of the faith, and sitting around talking about creeds never fed no hungry people.

If you wanna hang around and yammer about theology, or just hang around with people who enjoy this, feel free to pop on over. We’re still exploring forum policy questions; obviously, that discussion is open to everyone to participate in.