Debunking... chocolate?


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This is one of the finest pieces of investigative reporting I’ve ever read:

Dallas Foods debunks Noka chocolate.

It turns out that this insanely pricey boutiquey chocolate is just mass-produced chocolate bought from a particular vendor and, uhm. Cast. Into small squares. You know, like anyone could do at home.

Beautiful investigative reporting. If we’re lucky, their PR shill will post a comment on my blog pretending to be someone else. Watch carefully.

(For more, read about Dan, tireless defender of Noka chocolate, and PR shill extraordinaire.)

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From: Spherical Time
Date: 2007-01-14 18:48:38 -0600

Hey, this is Dan and I think noka is great …

No, not really, it’s ST, and I just wanted to say two things:

  1. Thanks for pointing out this article to me.

  1. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention the possible issue of child slave labor arising from using Ivory Coast chocolate as mentioned on page 7. That was one of the biggest issues I saw in their expose.

The entire article was very well written though. Very professional.