UPS, Round 3: They paid up!


Categories: Personal

Okay, so, here’s the story. Two months ago (on July 12th), a computer I shipped via UPS showed up damaged. We filed a claim. I received a check on September 12th for an amount close enough that I don’t know exactly what they were paying, but they clearly paid the claim in a reasonably fair manner. (I honestly don’t know how the number was arrived at, but I think they reimbursed some portion of the shipping costs. Or the insurance. Or something.)

This is mostly weird only in that, through most of the process, UPS insisted they could not do this; they explained that their policy was that they paid only for materials, not labor, so they could not pay \$2,400 on a \$2,400 computer; instead, they had to find out what all the individual parts cost, and pay for them individually.

The process is weirder because, since we used one of their stores, I’m not even the person making the claim; rather, the local UPS Store is, and I’m just a third party. So I got absolutely nothing in writing except the actual check. I have no statements from them, no written policy, no explanations. Nothing. I have no idea whether the decision to pay the claim reflects their policy, or is just what they do after someone whines a lot. I have no idea what their real policy is.

They did, however, eventually decide that they do want the computer, so I’ll be by tomorrow to drop it off at the local store, at which point, it stops being my problem. Yay for things which are not my problem!