The statute of limitations.


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Sex allegations oust Gloucester Catholic teacher, read the headlines, and her heart skipped a beat. Had he finally been busted?

No, it was someone else.

Well, damn.

See, a friend of mine went to that school. And she told me that she, too, was raped by a teacher there. Only, he’s still there. Nothing has happened, because by the time she realized that his threats that no one would believe a “white trash” girl were not as persuasive as they sounded when she was a kid, the statute of limitations had run out. It’s illegal for teachers to rape students, especially unwilling minor students, but it’s not illegal to have done so twenty years ago.

I got forwarded a copy of a letter she wrote to the local diocese. It’s pretty hard reading.

I didn’t have an “affair.” I was thrown up against a wall by a teacher and told that I should go along with him because no one would believe white trash like me over a respected and beloved teacher like him. He used to take me out of my typing class so I could “grade papers.” Anyway, I’m not getting into the details here.


I bet if a reporter asked around a bit, something else would come up, because I
was NOT the only one who was victimized at that school. My rape trauma counselor TOLD ME that she had other clients who had been abused by [teacher’s name]. Hearing that there’s yet one more Gloucester Catholic RAPIST teacher is not a surprise at all.

Yes, the teacher’s name was used in the letter.

Will they respond? It’s hard to say. How would we go about verifying something that happened twenty years ago? It is, in the end, her word against his. If the other people came forward, there might be enough corroboration to get something done; then again, there might not.

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From: Janice
Date: 2006-04-20 15:36:02 -0500

They haven’t responded yet.

Thank you for writing this.

From: Goliath
Date: 2006-04-21 10:58:48 -0500

Here’s what you do with these xian “people” who rape children. You make a large, enclosed area…kinda like an arena, except with lots of obstacles and nooks and crannies.

The xian pedophile is put in this enclosed area. Then a certain number of people (I dunno…maybe anywhere from 5–20 or more) get to pay some money (again, the amount may vary…maybe a few hundred dollars) to hunt the xian down for sport. The people get to choose a melee weapon of their choice (melee weapons would probably be provided by the arena) and go to it.

And then we could televise it…hell, we could put it on pay per view! And then we could take the money made off of this and balance the fucking budget!

(Apologies to George Carlin for the last paragraph).